“Whether considering integrity or corruption, people are the central element; yet the complexities of the psychological dimensions are serially marginalised, over-simplified, and under estimated”. Dr Alexander Stein- The psychology of Integrity and Corruption FCPA online 05/01/2017

Human factors in Business describes the study of how individuals, both physically and psychologically, interact   with and impact on environments, relationships and services.

In particular, in relation to organisational well-being, it focuses on the links between profitability and security – for example examining the impact of human errors and human-machine interactions.

Employee empowerment is proven to have a positive impact on business. Empowered employees, through their interpersonal interactions both internally and externally, build fruitful relationships based on trust and empathy. Such behaviour engenders profitability and channeled appropriately can significantly improve organisational efficiency and security.

However, minimal supervision and devolved decision making with minimal oversight can have its drawbacks. The effective management of risk poses multiple challenges and enhancing performance whilst pursuing better governance and transparency is critical.

By understanding better how people respond to different contexts and incentives, we can develop a more nuanced understanding of human behaviour that can ultimately help us to design more effective interventions to tackle fraud, error and debt”  Applying behavioural insights to reduce fraud, error and debt – UK Behavioural Insights Team 2010

Your people are your greatest asset and conversely your biggest liability. Supervision and oversight does not have to be invasive and stifling. Using the principles of social and behavioural science we have a range of innovative human centric programmes which are focused on increasing productivity whilst maintaining and enhancing security.

What our clients are saying:

“I had the pleasure to be part of a training session that Bob held in Albania regarding Monitoring and Managing Financial Crime.

Rarely could be found real professionals with a vast working and theoretical experience. Bob
impressed me with the introduction skill and the ability to attract the attention and involve all the participants in the discussion. 

Attending his training session was very interesting especially the way he presented to us as compliance, auditors specialists “how to read” the human comportment, the body language and the interview manners and technical tips. 

Once the session was completed I had the motivation to search over the discussions and the knowledge taken during the training was useful in my daily work.

I would strongly recommend Bob’s training sessions, or his consultancy regarding interviewing, reading body language or other related financial crime matters”. 

Xhejlon Kapidani – Anti-Bribery and Corruption Senior Officer at Raiffeisen Bank Albania


  • Effective Audit Conversations

    Specialised 2 Day Course - Specifically developed to Introduce participants to practical skills and techniques to elicit information through fact finding conversatiions undertaken as part of the audit process.

  • Effective Investigative Conversations - Level 1 Practitioner

    2 -Day Course (face2face) On Line 4 x 2 hour sessions - introduces participants to a forensic conversation approach to the information gathering process specifically designed for use by public and private sector investigators.

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