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Published: Wednesday December 13, 2017

The UK Publishes its Counter Corruption Strategy 2017 - 2020

On the 19th September Transparency international wrote on their website that “The UK has not met its own deadline on three of its 16 promises made at the Anti-Corruption Summit in 2016, including the crucial step of introducing a national Anti-Corruption Strategy”.

Whilst there is no evidence the timing of the publishing of the UK’s Anti -Corruption Strategy and the announced creation of a new does therefore seem a little more than coincidence.

On the Gov.UK site it is stated that “the anti-corruption strategy establishes an ambitious longer-term framework to guide UK government efforts to tackle corruption at home and abroad in the period to 2022.

It sets out a longer term vision of anti-corruption action leading to:

  • reduced threats to our national security
  • stronger economic opportunities (especially for British business)
  • greater public trust and confidence in our institutions

This strategy sets out 6 clear priorities for this Parliament. These are:

  • reduce the insider threat in high-risk domestic sectors such as borders and ports
  • strengthen the integrity of the UK as an international financial centre
  • promote integrity across the public and private sectors
  • reducing corruption in public procurement and grants
  • improving the business environment globally
  • working with other countries to combat corruption

The strategy will ensure that our efforts are joined up across government and include close collaboration with civil society, private sector, law enforcement, and other partners – who play a critical role in tackling corruption.

The strategy builds upon our existing anti-corruption efforts, including the 2014 anti-corruption action plan, 2016 London anti-corruption summit, national security strategy, serious and organised crime strategy, action plan for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist finance, and the fighting fraud and corruption locally strategy”.

The report can be downloaded by clicking here

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