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Published: Saturday January 23, 2016

The Insurance fraud taskforce's report January 2016


Fraud against insurers is costing the UK billions. So says the report recently published by The Insurance Fraud Task force which was set up by Government in January 2015.

Its main recommendation  is a requirement to adopt a joint “intelligence led approach” to the ever present and escalating issue of so called “crash for cash” staged accidents and associated claims for “whiplash injuries! which are extremely difficult to prove or disprove.

It also identified the organised nature of the problem with “facilitators” like solicitors and medical professionals who are ‘active perpetrators of the fraud’. Additionally it highlights that it is often seen as a victimless crime where honest individuals rationalise or as they put it “normalise fraudulent behaviour” and inflate or falsify claims

The report’s authors state that “There is no simple profile of someone who commits insurance fraud, and there are different degrees of criminality and pre-meditation. Some otherwise honest people commit fraud when the opportunity presents itself; some people commit fraud that is premeditated and some fraud can even be linked to organised crime”.

Read the full report.

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