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Published: Sunday April 23, 2017

The dark side of interrogation

The interview vs. Interrogation debate has raged in law enforcement circles for many years.

The interrogation camp favour a technique pioneered by Polygrapher John E Reid. It is made up of nine steps and three stages. In recent years it has been embroiled in controversy being linked to many miscarriages of justice in the USA. In fact one company WIcklander Zulawski has quite publicly dropped teaching the technique to law enforcement officers in the US.

The interview camp promote a system borne again out of miscarriages of justice this time in the U.K. The PEACE model is a non confrontational model which allows the interviewee to provide disclosure which is then probed and if necessary challenged.

This post concerns a Bloomberg article  which examines in great detail the issues surrounding the Reid Interrogation system.

CFIL have developed our own system Effective Investigative Conversations for use by private and public sector non law enforcement investigators. Like the PEACE model it is based on the principles of effective communication and comprises approaches that are deplorable in both formal and informal settings. Fast becoming the system of choice by many major financial institutions in both the U.K. and across 3 other continents it has proven to be both ethical and compatible with legal requirements. Contact us for more more information.

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