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Published: Monday July 25, 2016

T.E.A.M - Together Everyone Achieves More

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”. Steve Jobs  

We believe in forming alliances with like-minded organisations as it reflects our desire to achieve our independent business objectives cooperatively. Our partners are committed to provide the highest quality of service to improve and build businesses whilst mitigating risk.

It is our aim to provide services that prevent bad and unethical practice, detect “red flag behaviour”, evaluate risk as it occurs and respond as appropriate.

We are extremely pleased to have strategic alliances with;

Today Advisory – UK and Europe.

Today Advisory are a UK Based Asset security consultancy with an international network of safe, trusted, independent experts and the highest levels of security and integrity. They are ISO9001:2008 Certified, registered with the UK Information commissioner and have sole rights to their ISO-accredited QCS+ project management software. All of their staff who work on secure projects have been vetted and security cleared.

Their areas of expertise include;

  • Review of controls
  • ABC policy health checks
  • Incident Disclosure Services
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Multilingual due diligence
  • Multilingual event services

You can find out more about their services by accessing a short video from David Clarke head of translation compliance and multi-lingual due-diligence at Today Advisory by clicking here

Fortis Academy  Asia Pacific.

Fortis Academy are  CFILs strategic partners in the Asia/ Pacific region. A wholly owned subsidiary of SGFortis Holdings and a member company of the Fortis group of companies . Their mission is provide quality professional development opportunities which are  focused,practical and relevant . Their mission to make professional knowledge acquisition as accessible to everyone as possible by;

  • Listening and paying close attention to their clients and by so doing identifying what professional knowledge and training the different business communities needs,                                                                                                       and,
  • Partnering with reputable and qualified trainers who are able to provide relevant and affordable courses and teach them in an easy-to-understand manner.

Drawing from the Fortis group of companies’ network,  courses, programmes and seminars are well-researched, current and insightful in addressing critical issues facing businesses and individuals today. Their team of trainers consists of leading experts across many different industry sectors, offering participants practical insights and resources that are immediately transferable to the workplace.

The ATRIM Group – The America’s.

The ATRIM Group specialise in the Protection of critical infrastructure and personnel through science and education.

They offer a range of critical infrastructure protection services:

  • To help clients protect their critical infrastructure from terror and crime risks
  • To conduct critical infrastructure audits with our exclusive ATRiM software
  • They also provide training in:
    • Infrastructure protection
    • Online ID theft training
    • Cyber-crime protection
    • CPTED
    • Security procedures

CFIL together with Meta Centre Consulting are pleased to be supporting with the roll-out of the ATRIM Groups AdvanceGuard programme  which utilises behavioural and crime prevention science information to help organisations accurately assess the risks and effectiveness of current efforts to prevent point-of-contact attacks from false personation.

Meta Centre Consulting – The America’s

Dana(Rick) Rodden, Director of Metacentre Consulting has specialsed in tailoring advanced investigative interviewing training programs for a broad spectrum of corporate and regulatory agencies for 28 years. He has designed and conducted over 2,000 seminars and in-house training programs in ethical investigative interviewing methods and in statement analysis. He is recognized for his forward thinking evolutionary approach, dynamic presentations, in-depth knowledge of human behaviour, and commitment to update his programs with the most current research and practices.

Amicus Legal Consultants – Global

Amicus specialise in the prevention and mitigation of risk attached to critical incidents through interaction and education. They have an enviable track record of working in a number of jurisdictions and across legal systems. Their world-class talent coupled with an international reputation and reach ensures that they can deliver a truly global service.

Their portfolio of clients includes public and private sector firms operating across several countries and regions, as well as international organisations and government bodies.

We are confident that working with our strategic alliances we are now best placed to offer high quality responses which assist in preventing, detecting, evaluating and responding to all types of risk which will significantly improve organisations of all sizes and types.


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