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Published: Monday June 19, 2017

Impact of organised crime on UK communities

Perpetuity Research and the Police Foundation in a study supported by the Dawes Trust have just released research regarding the impact of serious organised crime on UK communities.

THe study used analysis taken from two police force areas. Using an agreed criteria for “organised crime” it was established that between 31% and 45% of crime committed could be linked to OC.
On average, individual victims of organised fraud lose over £10,000 per fraud offence.This is compared with victims of non-organised frauds, who lose on average £4,000.

Professor Martin Gill of Perpetuity Research who co-managed the research said:

“The findings are striking. They suggest that organised crime is more prolific than many had estimated and the harms more serious than we thought. Yet the policing response often falls between stalls. In our preoccupation with terrorism and cyber crime, important those they are, we must not lose focus on a range of other offence types”.

A copy of the full report can be accessed by clicking here

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