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Published: Thursday March 31, 2016

Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally

The local government 2016–2019 strategy  “Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally” developed by local authorities supported by a range of counter fraud specialists and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy has been published.

The strategy and its accompanying practice guidelines include practical steps for fighting fraud, identifies best practice models shares and brings clarity to the challenges faced in a fast changing fraud and corruption landscape.

Whilst aimed squarely at local government there are many aspects which would benefit consideration by other small to medium sized businesses and therefore we would urge you to take a look.

Communication is central to any pro-active counter fraud strategy both as a method for getting messages across to staff and customers and as an investigative information gathering tool. At CFIL we have created a range of courses which provide practical systems to enhance the process. Our Effective Conversation framework  can be adapted to fit a range of fact finding conversational situations from informal elicitation to formal interviews and can be customised  for your organisation and no addition cost.

If you want to have an informal chat about what benefits we may be able to bring to your staff and organisation get in touch.

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