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Published: Friday June 23, 2017

Cyber Security and Fraud -The human factor

The following represents a verbatim response on an article by Cyber Security company FORCEPOINT’s CIO Meerah Rajavel and chief scientist Richard Ford by Dr. Alexander Stein a specialist human risk forcester and psychodynamic risk anaylist of Dolus Advisors. In response to the article which canbe accessed by clicking here,in Dr Stein wrote,

“Rajavel and Ford outlined strategies for understanding intent and applying human-centric cyber defenses at the recent Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit. It’s about time security and technology leaders recognize that people, not processes and technology, are at the center of security incidents. BUT … Anomalous behavior scanning is incomplete and inadequate; motivation and intent are but two factors in a complex non-linear calculus which might foster or impede ideation and impulse toward or away from high-risk or malfeasant action. The ‘Cyber Continuum of Intent’ presents as a 2-D tool in a multidimensional environment. What’s needed? Specialized expertise in mental architecture, psychodynamic drivers and underpinnings, and identifying, decoding, and forecasting human factor shadow data”.

this article and Dr Steins comments are provided in full for the benefit of our present and future clients as support for the value of a human centric approach to risk management.

The Centre for Investigative Learning similarly adopt an approach to risk identification and mitigation which focuses on the human factor through the Advance Guard document verification and proactive protective monitoring projects and through the concept of Effective Conversations contact me on 07515  343370 or by mail to bob@cfil-global.com for more information about how I or my associates may be able to help you.

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