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Published: Thursday August 17, 2017

Businesses behaving badly - Fraud, corporate culture and ethics

This is a must read report from the Fraud Advisory Panel. The links back to the 2008 crash show how little, in relative terms, has changed. The report also provides a bleak picture of life in the UK as we approach the uncertainty of Brexit – we are apparently the worst performers,aside from Greece, in terms of  the wages earned, down 10.4% compared with rises of 6.7% across other OECd members.

My main takeaway from it is the rise of “fake” – fake news – fake emails etc. It really is an indictment of the average persons perception of the world when they trust “someone like themselves” more than figures of authority. Second in significance to me is what is referred to as, the “gag economy” the manner in which organisations fail to support those who speak out.

Overall it paints an extremely bleak picture. So, the question is, will anyone listen? Personally I won’t be holding my breath.

Access the report by clicking here.

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