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Published: Thursday December 15, 2016

At last a balanced view on body language and deception detection

Body language and in particular Deception Detection (sic) are extremely interesting subjects for most people. This explains why the online world is saturated with lie detection and body language “experts” who gleefully pontificate on every aspect of the behaviour of the rich and famous/infamous. Now, i appreciate that if people want it give it to them, that’s how business works. But what is peddled on the whole is very superficial and in some instances just plain wrong and extremely dangerous! The truth is human behaviour is complex and any attempt to put people into boxes and attribute meaning to their observable behaviour based on a 1 day online course or having watched the “Lie to me” box set is doomed to failure. So it was gratifying to read a blog posted on Linkedin by Vincent Denault which ,in my opinion told it like it is.

Vincent Denault is the co-director of the Centre for Studies in Nonverbal Communication Sciences of the Montreal Mental Health University Institute Research Centre. He has studied the impact of witnesses’ nonverbal behaviour during criminal trials and was the inaugural recipient of the Emerging Scholar Award (2016) of the Nonverbal Division of the National Communication Association.

Vincents post is a must read for anyone who craves a more balanced appraisal on the subject of human behavioural analysis and the article can be accessed by clicking here

Bob Pointer
Director Centre for Investigative Learning

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