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Published: Thursday January 11, 2018

Policing for the future- Fraud and Cyber Crime

A very interesting and informative recording of the Home Affairs Select committee meeting held on Tuesday 9th January 2018. The “witnesses” to the committee were:

  • T/Commander David Clark, National Co-ordinator for
    Economic Crime, City of London Police,
  • Richard Piggin, Campaign Manager, Which?,
  • Detective Superintendent Nicky Porter Serious Crime Division, Greater Manchester Police
  • Katy Worobec, Managing Director, Economic Crime, UK Finance.

In particular T/Commander Clarke provides a glimpse into the mindset and mechanisms employed by Law Enforcement in response to the clear and present danger of both online and traditional fraud.

In particular the emphasis on disruption as a major tactic alongside prosecution will please some but not everyone.

Likewise the confirmation that around 25% of reports to Action Fraud are disseminated for “active enquiry” to UK Police Forces and agencies and as stated by Det.Supt Porter that;

It is a real challenge investigating fraud in terms of the volume……..but when you are prioritising against other competing demands like child exploitation and the expectations the public have in terms of our resourcing I think there are some difficult questions around Fraud and how we actually commit to that”.

This provides a gloomy picture especially when as she further stated that;

“Last year (2017) in terms of those dissemination’s from Action Fraud last year ( 2017) we investigated 4% of those crimes”.

On a more positive note the emphasis on victims welfare were welcome.

To view this important video click here.

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