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  • Considering the human factor in compliance

    Star Compliance has published the keynote address of Dr Alexander Stein at their US User Conference in Washington DC on Oct 8th.

  • Internal investigations

    Text of a speech by Jamie Symington, Director in Enforcement FCA, delivered at the Pinsent Masons Regulatory Conference 2015 on 5 November 2015.

  • Its just semantics

    Words are the primary way in which we relay our message our nonverbal behaviour assists in directing that message. However in our technically enabled times are the messages getting through.

  • Policing for the future- Fraud and Cyber Crime

    A review and link to the Home Affairs Select Committee held on 9th January 2018 in relation to the Policing of online and traditional Fraud

  • Learning to Detect Deception from Evasive Answers and Inconsistencies across Repeated Interviews

    An interesting article looking at the current methods of detecting deception in interviews and a proposed new approach

  • “Alternative facts” about nonverbal communication: How to distinguish facts from fiction

    An article by Vince Denault which articulates with clarity and depth the issues surrounding nonverbal communication and in particular separates the facts from the "pseudo science".

  • The UK Publishes its Counter Corruption Strategy 2017 - 2020

    The Government announces its strategy to deal with Fraud

  • Important information - Dishonesty test challenged.

    A recent case has redefined the “reasonable person” test.

  • The truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    The search for the truth should be the aim of all investigative Interactions. Identifying the reliability and value of information is a fundamental element of any enquiry.

  • Imperfect recall- The frailties of memory.

    A look at the frailities of memory and it’s potential impact all involved in the legal process.

  • You have 15 Minutes To Respond To A Crisis: A Checklist of Dos And Don'ts

    Critical incidents are happening all to often and an organisations ability to respond can make or break those charged with leading and steering through it.

  • Businesses behaving badly - Fraud, corporate culture and ethics

    A must read report on the "state of the nation (UK)" from the FAP paints a bleak picture.

  • False memories and false confessions: the psychology of imagined crimes

    The term false memory syndrome or FMS describes a phenomenon where an individual's identity and relationships are affected by factually incorrect memories which they strongly believe to be true.

  • Effective conversations - when does inconsistency matter?

    Does it matter when someone seems to change their story from one conversation to another – if they’ve added some new information or contradict themselves?

  • Cyber Security and Fraud -The human factor

    Interesting article and comments by well respected specialists in the field of proactive risk management.

  • Can you teach empathy?

    Empathy is regarded as a key component of effective communication. But can we learn to be empathetic?

  • Impact of organised crime on UK communities

    Perpetuity Research and the Police Foundation in a study supported by the Dawes Trust have just released research regarding the impact of serious organised crime on UK communities.

  • Recent decision - litigation privilege in internal investigations

    A recent decision made in the case of SFO v ENRC [2017] EWHC 1017 will be of particular interest to those involved in internal investigations.

  • You refuse to pay a bribe - now what?

    A thought provoking article about the perils of doing the right thing

  • The dark side of interrogation

    Interrogation vs Interviewing an excellent article by Bloomberg examines the differences.

  • Are you immune to bribery?

    We all tend to believe ourselves honest and beyond reproach however this may not actually be the case.

  • Give the police guidance on which frauds to investigate says Fraud Advisory Panel

    An important and timely article by David Clarke of CFILs Strategic partners.

  • A seismic change in Police interviewing?

    On the 9th March 2017 a press statement issued by a US interview and interrogation company Wicklander Zurwalski could prove to be a significant moment in investigative interviewing.

  • Emojis and the rise of textural communication

    The Centre's Bob Pointer recently contributed an article to Today Advisory on the use of emojis in online text and messages.

  • Fraud is a global Pandemic - Report it

    David Clarke Director of the Fraud Advisory Panel and a board member of CFIL's strategic partners was interviewed by Ben Thompson on BBC Breakfast this morning to discuss KPMG’s Fraud barometer.

  • COSO Fraud Risk Management Guide: As good as it gets?

    This article by John Robert Lyons posits that people and organizations are “complex systems” in their own right, and that we ought to pay attention to science deep diving into this world.

  • Scamming the elderly

    Today Advisory board member and Director of the Fraud Advisory Panel David Clarke spoke to ITV News recently to encourage victims of fraud To report it.

  • The corporate psychopath

    A look at the concept of the corporate psychopath. A real problem or just hype?

  • At last a balanced view on body language and deception detection

    Body language and in particular Deception Detection (sic) are extremely interesting subjects for most people. But is it good science?

  • Cheese for the mice

    Exploding the traditional view is that good people go bad because they are fundamentally greedy, intrinsically dishonest and exploit weaknesses in their systems, regulation and supervision.

  • Interviewing - Unleash your inner child

    The conversations undertaken in the course of an investigation are an integral aspect of the process. But, CFIL's founder Bob Pointer proposes that sometimes we need to unleash our inner child.

  • Investigating corruption and Money Laundering - must read

    A must read manual for those tasked with or have an interest in the subject of corruption and money laundering.

  • The structure of corruption

    A most enlightening and educational paper by Sarah Chayes senior associate : democracy and rule of law program at Carnegie Endowment for World Peace.

  • The real truth about lying

    What is the real truth about our ability to detect lies and deceit?

  • Reporting fraud to the police

    Fraud, corruption and bribery have reached epidemic proportions across the globe. The question you may have to consider is the value of reporting the occurrence to the police.

  • I'll keep an open mind on that

    "The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it". Terry Pratchett

  • T.E.A.M - Together Everyone Achieves More

    We believe in forming alliances with like-minded organisations. Meet our strategic partners Today Advisory, Fortis Academy, The ATRIM Group and Meta Centre Consulting.

  • Bribery update 16/07/2016

    Update from Arun Chauran member of the UK Fraud Advisory Panel.

  • How vulnerable are you?

    The ease by which fraudsters using social tactics to elicit personal information are illustrated through two real life videos.

  • You're Nudged!

    The behavioural Insights team made up of, amongst others, psychologists, economists and researchers use the “nudge theory” derived from behavioural economics.

  • 10 Year War on Fraud: Why We Urgently Need a Strategy After Brexit

    The Fraud Advisory Panel charity says the Government is not doing nearly enough to help the public defend themselves against the deluge of fraud and cybercrime.

  • Fraud epidemic sweeps Britain - just two in 1000 cases investigated

    The stark reality of the situation regarding the massive and seemingly unrelenting tide of fraud which is sweeping across the UK is laid bare in a recent article.

  • Lie to Win or Be Honest and Lose? When Ethics Can Cost You

    This is a unique an extremely enlightening article by Richard Bistrong. Unique because Bistrong is a "Poacher turned gamekeeper" but in a positive way.

  • How to avoid being a cash for crash victim

    A good article from the BBC which provides advice regarding the phenomenon as crash for cash.

  • A severed head, two cops and the radical future of interrogation

    This is an extremely well researched article presented in an unbiased way on the much discussed subject of interrogation vs Interviewing.

  • Altering the approach to fraud?

    A thoroughly personal view of the article given by the new Commissioner of the City of London Police to the London Evening Standard.

  • Sentencing guidelines - Fraud, Bribery and money laundering offences

    Important update on sentencing guidelines for Fraud and money laundering offences.

  • The brain atlas

    An article provided by our partners Today advisory well worth a read.

  • Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally

    The local government 2016–2019 strategy "Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally" has been published. It is relevant to any SME and therefore we would urge you to take a look.

  • Can you feel the wind of change?

    The limitations and appropriateness of an interrogative confessions based approach to interactions with suspects have now bubbled back to the surface.

  • Adjusting the lens on Economic Crime - PWC global fraud report

    PCW have recently published their Global Report for 2016. Here;s a personal view on the value of the raft of such reports.

  • KPMG Fraud UK Survey January - December 2015

    The KPMG fraud barometer serves the purpose of giving an independent assessment of the current level of Fraud and risk in the UK. It highlights some issues which do not necessarily make headlines.

  • 3rd Sector fraud - FAP Guidance

    Fraud is a serious threat to every organisation,charities included. With reported fraud increasing at an alarming rate it is vital for charities of all shapes and sizes to protect their income.

  • UK Government has a "Poor Grip" on The level of fraud

    An enlightening report by the National Audit Office describes how the UK Government lacks the right information to accurately detect and monitor levels of fraud.

  • The ever present threat of cyber crime for businesses

    The threats to business from cyber attacks cannot be under estimated and the migration from large multinationals to small and medium sized organisations is both inevitable and predictable.

  • 12 month UK figures for Cyber Crime attacks

    This infographic clearly illustrates the on-line threats of fraud.

  • David Clarke - Fraud advisory panel discussing the new Financial Fraud task Force

    David Clarke recently provided his views on Government’s new Joint Fraud Task Force on the BBC Radio 5 Live programme, Wake Up to Money.

  • Why the Google tax case is so important

    This is an extremely thought provoking video which highlights not only the ethical issues surrounding how multi national corporates manage their affairs.

  • UK cyber security: the role of insurance

    This report, produced in collaboration with the UK’s insurance market and a number of top UK companies aims to make the UK a world centre for cyber security insurance.

  • Essential reading - Codes of practice for interception of communications

    This governmental policy document updates the codes of practice for Law enforcement and the security services in relation to the interception of communications.

  • The Insurance fraud taskforce's report January 2016

    Fraud against insurers is costing the UK billions. So says the report recently published by The Insurance Fraud Task force which was set up by Government in January 2015.

  • Barclay's anti fraud advert - public service or cunning ploy

    Barclays bank have just aired what they say will be the first of a series of "public service" adverts which highlight current issues regarding identity theft and fraud.

  • How the 3rd sectors push for efficiency savings raises fraud risk

    As the charity sector relies on donations the need to evidence value for money necessitates keeping all expense to a minimum and this perversely makes them very attractive to fraudsters.

  • Latest KPMG UK fraud barometer August 2015

    KPMG regularly publish a report which provides an insight into the financial loss caused by frauds valued at over £100,000 prosecuted through UK courts.

  • A Good Year for the Good Guys?

    As the year nears its end its got me thinking about its highlights (or low lights) in relation to the UK's response to Fraud, bribery and corruption.

  • New Anti-Money Laundering Rules: Carrot or Stick?

     I read with interest an article taken from the City and Business section of the Daily Express concerning new EU Anti-Money Laundering rules which take effect in 2017 and the potential detrimental effect it could have on the fight to prevent Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

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