Workplace Investigations

2 day course - An exploration of the diverse range of issues that can occur in the workplace and practice ready solutions that assist in the prevention, detection,evaluation and response to such occurrences.


Employee empowerment is proven to have a positive impact on business and profitability.

Empowered employees, through their interpersonal interactions both internally and externally, build fruitful relationships based on trust and empathy. Such behaviour engenders profitability and, channelled appropriately, can significantly improve organisational efficiency and security.

However, minimal supervision and devolved decision making with minimal oversight can have its drawbacks. The effective management of risk poses multiple challenges and enhancing performance whilst pursuing better governance and transparency is critical.

Your people are your greatest asset and, conversely, your biggest liability. Supervision and oversight does not have to be invasive and stifling.
Every business will encounter a diverse variety of risk, some of which may have the potential to adversely affect its productivity and/or reputation. In extreme cases failure to address identified issues could cause serious damage which can be costly and time consuming to repair.
Understanding and managing people and deploying appropriate systems can positively impact on the management of risk, however it is inevitable that on occasions this may not be enough.

The manner in which responses to identified issues are managed is critical. We offer a range of developmental programmes which provide practical solutions for all levels and types of issues that may occur.

This course will look at the diverse range of issues that can occur in the workplace and explore how to prevent, detect, quantify and respond to such occurrences.

Who Should Attend

This course would be of benefit to those who through their role or position undertake fact finding internal investigations including:

• HR
• Internal Auditors
• Line Managers
• Security and Investigations and Compliance Officials

Our Ethos and Methods

Due to the dynamics of business the demands placed on Individuals tasked with dealing with issues and incidents in the workplace are often complex and unique.

We take our position as a provider of specialist investigative education for the corporate and public sectors extremely seriously.

We have built a reputation second to none due to our commitment to constantly change to build and maintain leading edge courses, content and delivery methods. All of our courses are specifically designed to maximise the up skilling of our delegates.

We believe that all opportunities for development should be practice based and readily transferable to the work place. Therefore, all of our courses are based on the principles of andragogic learning placing the participant at the centre of the process. Using a wide range of innovate immersive techniques participants learn by doing, supported by subject matter specialist facilitators who guide and inform the process.

individual and group rates available on request - or contact your local office.

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