Specifically created to assist organisations in creating a positive productive and secure environment


Trust is the enabler of global business — without it, most essential transactions would be impossible.

It is also a requisite  for high-performing organisations.

Employees in high-trust companies are more productive, committed  and less likely move on. Businesses that build trust among their customers are rewarded with greater loyalty and higher sales.Organisations who build trust with each other are more likely to create value-creating deals.

Our Ethos and Methods

Due to the dynamics of business the demands placed on Individuals tasked with dealing with issues and incidents in the workplace are often complex and unique.

We take our position as a provider of specialist investigative education for the corporate and public sectors extremely seriously.

We have built a reputation second to none due to our commitment to constantly change to build and maintain leading edge courses, content and delivery methods. All of our courses are specifically designed to maximise the up skilling of our delegates.

We believe that all opportunities for development should be practice based and readily transferable to the work place. Therefore, all of our courses are based on the principles of andragogic learning placing the participant at the centre of the process. Using a wide range of innovate immersive techniques participants learn by doing, supported by subject matter specialist facilitators who guide and inform the process.

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