Effective Investigative Conversations - Level 1 Practitioner

2 -Day Course (face2face) On Line 4 x 2 hour sessions - introduces participants to a forensic conversation approach to the information gathering process specifically designed for use by public and private sector investigators.


Focused towards regulatory, criminal and other disciplinary investigations. This programme acknowledges the wide range of interview situations,both informal and formal, which may occur within a workplace  setting. It has been designed as an Introduction to a range of ethical approaches which are deployable as part of a strategic approach to the Information gathering process

Thoroughly researched, the principles underpinning the course are based on methodologies and best practice models widely used and respected throughout the public and corporate sectors.


By the end of the course delegates will be able to explain and demonstrate:

  • An understanding of the conditions under which effective communication occurs
  • Knowledge of the principles and practical application of a range of conversational techniques
  • The advantages of adopting a strategic approach to the search for investigative important information
  • The importance of effective planning to inform the information gathering process
  • The use of appropriate analysis techniques to inform a tactical approach to the conversation
  • A range of effective questioning and listening skills
  • The ability to deal with all forms of active and passive resistance
  • Knowledge of the basic 5 areas of behavioural analysis and how to apply this within the context of a conversation based interview

Who Should Attend

Suitable for any interviewer or investigator, compliance officers, auditors, bank and insurance inspectors, personnel and HR directors, corporate risk managers and anyone responsible for undertaken investigative interventions in formal and informal settings.

Whilst based on empirical academic research and best practice models this model has been specifically scoped for the non-law enforcement investigator and could therefore be a conversion course for those moving into the commercial sector from law enforcement.

Our Ethos and Methods

Due to the dynamics of business the demands placed on Individuals tasked with dealing with issues and incidents in the workplace are often complex and unique.

We take our position as a provider of specialist investigative education for the corporate and public sectors extremely seriously.

We have built a reputation second to none due to our commitment to constantly change to build and maintain leading edge courses, content and delivery methods. All of our courses are specifically designed to maximise the up skilling of our delegates.

We believe that all opportunities for development should be practice based and readily transferable to the work place. Therefore, all of our courses are based on the principles of andragogic learning placing the participant at the centre of the process. Using a wide range of innovate immersive techniques participants learn by doing, supported by subject matter specialist facilitators who guide and inform the process.

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