Effective Audit Conversations

Specialised 2 Day Course - Specifically developed to Introduce participants to practical skills and techniques to elicit information through fact finding conversatiions undertaken as part of the audit process.


The role of internal audit is to provide independent assurance on the effectiveness of an organisation’s risk management, governance and internal processes.

To effectively fulfill this role the auditor requires a range of skills and competences. Richard Chambers and Paul McDonald – in their article for the Institute of Internal Auditors “7 attributes of highly effective internal auditors” – emphasize relationship building and communication as core auditing skills.

Internal audit is by definition a fact finding exercise which requires the ability to elicit information both in formal and informal interactions to identify and test the efficiency of the risk management systems, identifying strengths and weaknesses and in some instances opportunities for malfeasance and fraud.

This course has been specifically designed to provide Internal Auditors with a range of conversation based fact finding non confrontational techniques which can be deployed in a range of
situations – both formal and informal.

Whilst conversational in approach, the skills and techniques explored during the course are both ethical and transparent and meet the legal standard required evidentially in formal hearings
and proceedings.


By the end of the course delegates will be able to explain and demonstrate:

  • What makes communication effective
  • The importance of creating a positive communication climate
  • How to effectively plan and prepare for a fact-finding audit conversation
  • How to engage at a professional and personal level with other parties by creating an appropriate commonality of perception
  • An ability to deploy a range of fact finding conversational techniques appropriate to the interviewee and situation
  • To interpret and respond positively to verbal and nonverbal cues and behaviour
  • Understand effective techniques to respond to and negate resistance in a non confrontational manner
  • Methods to accurately record and preserve the conversation

Who Should Attend

This specialist course is predominately aimed at internal auditors and those charged with similar functions. However, it is also suitable for external auditors, accountants and other interested parties.

It is based on CFIL’s BASIC© 5 channel 5 sense conversational model which has been delivered in various forms to HR, Management and Compliance professionals as well as public and private sector investigators across many different sectors both across the UK, Europe and internationally.

Our Ethos and Methods

We take our position as a provider of specialist investigative education for the corporate and public sectors extremely seriously.

We have built a reputation second to none due to our commitment to constantly change to build and maintain leading edge courses, content and delivery methods. All of our courses are specifically designed to maximise the up skilling of our delegates.

We believe that all opportunities for development should be practice based and readily transferable to the work place. Therefore, all of our courses are based on the principles of andragogic learning placing the participant at the centre of the process. Using a wide range of innovate immersive techniques participants learn by doing, supported by subject matter specialist facilitators who guide and inform the process.

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