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As part of an ongoing relationship with Volvo Trucks we were approached to devise and deliver a course for one of their francishees, Thomas Hardie’s sales teams which would enhance their interactions with clients.

Built around the principles of our effective conversations methodology we designed a bespoke day long course which examined positive human interpersonal communication and the verbal and nonverbal cues which help build trust and long lasting relationships. Highly successful we continue working with Thomas Hardie building on the foundation laid.

In November 2017 we delivered a one day course for Sales “support” staff covering the basics of our human centric approach to positive business communication..

Client Feedback

“Very insightful knowledge of behavioural skills.”

“I thought all was informative and useful and can be taken and implemented in the right manner in any workplace.”

“I believed a great deal in the ability to read people and assess the situations we face daily. A better understanding proves my beliefs.”

“There was many things that I haven’t even thought about, that I will now use in the future.”

“A good experience learning to understand people in everyday situations and in business negotiations. Appropriate practical examples and role play was used to re-enforce the learning and to practice how to use it.”

“Great course delivered in a simple easy to understand and approachable manner. Will be very beneficial to our business.”

“Although I have already had some training on monitoring people, the training went into more detail and I found it very useful.”

“I thought you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks. How wrong was I.”

”Fantastic day had no idea what to expect and the reality was far in excess of anything I could have imagined”.

Managers November 2017

”Very worthwhile for all Managers, helps reading people and understanding actions. Great course – Very helpful”.

”This Course is a good insight into the human body and its reactions, it helps to read situations you are faced with”.

”i will use the things I’ve learnt in team meetings and 1on 1s to engage with team members”.

”The Course was excellent,really helpful bags of information brilliantly led”.

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