CFIL -Global values collaboration and have created partnerships with individuals and organisations globally.

One of the strongest alliances is with one of Singapore’s premier event organisers REL-Alliance who have exclusive rights to stage all of CFIL-Globals events in Singapore. Working together they have staged numerous events ranging from Workplace investigations and Effective Investigative Conversations to Read People.

Client Feedback

”The course is helpful for individuals who are not familiar with the right approach to investigations. It is also very insightful for more experienced investigators”.

”The course is refreshing. I have learned that a structured investigation process would be beneficial”.

”The course is definitely interesting and it’s also very useful to me, really enjoyed myself”

”Learnt that the structured introduction to interviews is very useful. It can show how much we know about the incident and help us to focus ourselves on what we need to find out”.

”Understanding how to get empathy going by ,poking and listening- just brilliant, best course ever”.

” I liked that Bob understands how we work he really get us”.

”Really good found out the way to do things and will do them because they work”.

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