Corporate programme Singapore 2018

In April 2018  a programme specifically designed and developed was delivered on behalf of a blue chip Leisure and tourism focused organisation.

The programme comprised 3 x 2 day events for key members of the organisation from legal,HR and investigations.

Built against the Effective Investigative Conversations framework the course was tailored to provide a practice ready solution based on requirements and local laws and procedure.

Client Feedback

“Good to have practical video recording so that we are able to view ourselves during the conversation”

“What I found interesting – the techniques for asking questions without asking questions” “Enlightening – refreshing”

“Good insights gained into effective interviewing strategies and techniques”

“A very good course to find out where your “blind spots” are how to be an empathetic listener and to take time to consider the human interaction perspective of a HR interview and investigation”.

“Thank you, Bob, it’s been a very informative 2-day session. Challenges our thought processes and how we approach people. Learnt so much”

“Thank you for this enriching experience!” “Every experience is a new journey to begin”.

“Gained knowledge of the different approaches to conduct an investigation – really enjoyable”.

“The course helps to explain how to put into practice the investigation techniques we hear so much about but do not really know how to do”.

“We should always go in with the mindset that the person we are interviewing is clean and don’t think of him/her as a suspect. No biases, non-confrontational – don’t ask pointed questions, open ended is good”.

“Provides a different perspective and way to investigate”.

“Changed the way I view interviews and investigation – Great”.

“What I learnt – a structured way of interviewing and the different ways to get the interviewee to provide answers voluntarily”.

“Really appreciated the clear and comprehensive guidelines as well as the helpful feedback on my performance!”.

“Very insightful brings structure to what I am practicing. Able to point out ways to overcome specific issues that we face in interviews and encourage interaction”.

“A fresh perspective of what investigative interviewing is about – using a softer approach to getting real information. Useful techniques – need time to absorb and apply”.

“What I learnt – to have a chat and be on the same level as the interviewee”.

“What I learnt – theories should be assimilated into a personal style and approach. With these in mind it does help with making better conversations”.

“Its given me a different perspective on how to carry out an investigation”.

“Has given me a greater depth of understanding and a wider view of how investigations can be done and to know investigations can be cooperative”.

“Statements and investigations need not be contained together”.

“Need to change the way we do/structure disciplinary inquiry. Change how we inter view people. Soft approach not confrontational”.

“What I learnt – Don’t ever assume – Always give the benefit of the doubt – be respectful!!!!”

“Found the process and practice to be very beneficial. Thanks Bob for sharing your experience and approach. You made the learning experience very enjoyable”.

“Really helped to clarify some discrepancies I have had about investigations and to understand how experienced investigators do the things they do”.

“An eye-opening experience. Putting them to actual practice does internalise and realise areas of improvement”.

“The course was very effective. Bob provided personalised feedback for improvement”.

“I see a lot and I learned a lot. Thank you!”

“What I learnt tables during an interview are a bad idea, no laptops should be in the room, taping interviews are ok, The person interviewing should not be the one making noted as well”.

“It’s the “Little things” that affect the responses of the interviewee”.

“What I now know – The interviewer should be neutral and not confrontational. The subject should not feel afraid or threatened during sharing”.

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