Barnardo's Children Centres Essex

CFIL working in partnership with the Charity Signpost were commissioned to develop and deliver a bespoke course for Barnardos staff to be used in encounters with clients.

As an introduction to the dynamics of effective interpersonal communication, the course focused on how words and actions can aid the gathering of required information in a cooperative manner built on empathy and trust.

The course featured CFILs  effective conversations model as a framework to manage the process of the purposeful intetractions their staff undertake during home visits, assessments and domestic violence intervention and support .

The system, which has been successfully used within different situations from recruitment interviews to discipline hearings  is proven to assist in the elicitation of fine grain information. Additionally adoption of the 5 sense 5 channel model  is proven in assisting in the identification of behavioural issues and red flags,

The sessions featured skills and methods which are able to be transferred directly to the workplace.

This course is just one of several currently in development or being delivered across different sectors or disciplines which sees the Effective conversations model being utilised in a wide range of situations. If you want to improve your staffs emotional and cognitive abilities in their work and interactions contact Bob at or by calling 07515 343370 anytime.

Client Feedback

JUNE 2016

“The course was very informative. My ability to communicate will improve and will really enable me to communicate effectively and efficiently”.

“it was very interesting and i would attend more courses like this and recommend any care professional to also attend”.

“I think anyone who works with peoples feelings should go on this course”.

“!00% recommend this course to anyone who comes into contact with clients – Family support – 1 to 1 – early years workers in group sessions”.

“Would definitely recommend the course as it will be very useful in my job working with families. I will also use this when working with colleagues too”.

“Excellent training for anyone working with the public”.

“Very interesting – what to look for in my job and how to use what this person is saying to use for the next question”.


“An informative and enjoyable day learning and improving skills in understanding and reading others and to being more effective in conversations and listening”.

“Interactive session with good videos showing how often we miss signals and to help us be more aware and empathetic”.

“its an eye opener,informative and gives a lot of awareness on how and why people act the way they do”.

“Very interesting and informative gives ideas of how to get answers in conversations without being direct”.

“This course has really helped me as a manager. I work with people every day. I think that working on my emotional intelligence will help me greatly when managing people”.

“Really enjoyable day, opens your eyes to what may be behind the conversation or situation – very useful insight”.

“Engaging in an interesting way – well put together”.

“The course gives a really useful and valuable insight to our own behaviours and those of others”.

“Very Interesting learnt things about why people behave as they do. Will definitely surprise you!”.

“Great training, very engaging and really makes you think about how you come across to others”.

“I would definitely recommend this training to all Barnardo’s employees and found it very useful for my role in Family Support. I think it will be very beneficial to help support families who do not divulge much or any information to be able to read their body language as you may pick up signs from this that the person may need support although they are not saying it directly. I found the activities we did very enjoyable but challenging at the same time as they were not as easy as I thought they would be”.

“I found the course very interesting and quite in-depth, the day went quickly as there was so much information to learn. I will use the information with in my job role and to further support families and young children that use the Children`s Centre`s”.



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