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We are a consultancy  providing innovative professional development programmes, bespoke systems and practical solutions that promote positivity, profitability and security.

Our cross-sector industry knowledge and experience help keep us in step with the fast pace of change and innovation in business systems, methodology and practice.

Organisations are people and the human centric approach to our programmes promote empowerment, loyalty and responsibility.

We understand the need for development opportunities that are relevant, improve efficiency, save time and money and add real value to your organisation.

From  local to global, from shop floor to board room  we can provide focused programmes which are cutting edge and forward looking – but most importantly – practice ready and promote the techniques and skills you and your team require.

Update 11th June 2020.        

Due to COVID-19 we have moved all of our programmes on – line and are able to offer both live sessions and specially created e-learning packages contact for more details. 

Current Activity

  • Effective Investigative Conversations Level 1 programme

    Venue: On line

    Dates: 24th November, 1st, 8th and 15th December 2020

    Presented in association with REL Alliance.

  • Work place Investigations

    Venue: On-line learning event

    Dates: 20/21st August 2020

    Presented in association with REL Alliance

It’s all about people.

People centred training

Employee empowerment is proven to have a positive impact on business and profitability. Empowered employees, through their interpersonal interactions both internally and externally, build fruitful relationships based on trust and empathy. Such behaviour engenders profitability and, channeled appropriately, can significantly improve organisational efficiency and security.

However, minimal supervision and devolved decision-making with minimal oversight can have its drawbacks. The effective management of risk poses multiple challenges and enhancing performance whilst pursuing better governance and transparency is critical.

Your people are your greatest asset and, conversely, your biggest liability. Supervision and management does not have to be invasive and stifling. Using principles of social and behavioural science we have a range of innovative human centric programmes which are focused on increasing productivity whilst maintaining and enhancing security.

Being conversationally agile.

The centerpiece of our approach to positive and proactive business behaviour management is the unique effective conversations  model. By adopting a ‘forensic’ approach to interpersonal interactions, we have created a flexible framework which has been proven across multiple business sectors and disciplines from compliance, HR and audit to sales and negotiations.

However,one size does not fit all and we are experienced in creating bespoke on point solutions to suit  individual needs and budget.

Listen to Bob Pointer the founder of CFIL Global speaking with Marcel van de Hoef of the Meeting Stategist.


CFIL Global Behavioural Test


  • “A fantastic insight into the conscious and unconscious actions we make and how to use what we see to our advantage”.

    Manager Volvo Trucks UK - Effective Business Conversations September 2017

  • “A useful insight into personal behaviour that will help me in Business and social situations”

    Manager Volvo Trucks UK - Effective Business Conversations September 2017

  • “The 4 days were of huge value to the team, and me personally. And the valuable feedback was the cherry on the cake. I will only listen/act on feedback from people who I respect. And you certainly fall into that category with me”.

    A.P. - Academy and Apprentice Manager Volvo Trucks U.K. - Advanced Communication skills June/July 2018

  • “The Course was excellent,really helpful bags of information brilliantly led”
    Andrew Beresford - Group Invoicing Manager

    Thomas Hardie Commercials - Effective workplace conversations 14 November 2017

  • “The exercises, videos and strategic investigation and interview plans were extremely useful. Highly recommended”,

    Natalie Lee - Borouge - Effective workplace investigations Singapore 25th-26th October 2017

  • “Thanks for a really great, worthwhile day. I will/have taken a lot from it”.

    Thomas Hardie - Effective business conversations November 2017

  • Trainer makes good use of examples and games to illustrate the points

    Singapore Customs Official - Read People October 2018

  • “It is very relevant, useful and applicable. Very interesting and I’ve gained something from it”.

    Wildlife Reserve Official Singapore - Read People October 2018

  • The course was really useful tool for introduction to fraud investigation. It’s far more practical thinking and doing rather than being lectured and note taking.

    TSB Specialist Mortgage Fraud Investigator - Introduction to Fraud Investigation Course March 2015

  • Very professional (they) understand how investigators behave. Good application of recognised learning methods and implementation in an innovative way.

    Financial Ombudsman Investigator - An Introduction to Fraud Investigation April 2015

  • The course gives a really useful and valuable insight to our own behaviours and those of others

    Children's Centre Professional, Barnardos - Effective workplace Investigations November 2016

  • Definitely recommend, think it is a course everyone on anti-trust should attend. Surpassed all of my expectations and showed me things I had not even realised I did not know

    Competitions and Markets Authority Investigator - Effective Investigative Conversations Course July 2015

  • A course which takes you on a journey from the basics of communication through being able to look for verbal and non verbal signs.It is challenging at times and thought provoking and anyone attending from an investigative background will take something from it.

    Specialist Investigator Financial Services - Effective Investigative Conversations May 2015

  • I found the course thought provoking and indeed has made me change a few areas in my interview technique. The interviewees were also excellent.

    Security Advisor NATS - Effective Investigative Conversations November 2015

  • If you want a different approach to an introduction to fraud investigation this is it. Good and different ways of planning recording and actioning fraud investigations. Well presented.

    Internal Auditor Public Sector - Introduction to Fraud Investigation July 2015

  • I liked the interactive sessions and the practicals brought the learning to life.

    Investigator Metrobank - Effective investigative conversations September 2016

  • Great course, really convincing approach to sympathetically and most importantly getting the right outcome for the bank and colleague.

    HR Professional Metrobank - Effective Investigative Conversations September 2016

  • Would definitely recommend the course as it will be very useful in my job working with families. I will also use this when working with my colleagues too.

    Support Worker, Barnardos Children Centre - Effective Workplace Conversations June 2016

  • This course has helped me to improve my communication skills and turn my weaknesses into strengths.

    Cap business club member - TRUST March 2019

  • I found this course informative and the material/theory presented was clear and accessible.The practical approach provided ideas to make positive change

    CAP business Clubs - TRUST March 2019

  • Bob is a very engaging trainer. He used examples to show us how to recognise facial expressions and body language. Its a very useful course for me.

    Undisclosed - Read People - Singapore 29th March 2019

  • “I have gained a lot during my 4 days. I have already noticed patterns in people’s behaviour, but most importantly I’ve noticed areas I need to improve in”.

    Volvo Trucks UK - TRUST June 2019

  • “It was absolutely amazing. I loved every moment and the information is so valuable. These skills will help us so much in our futures. Thank you Bob”.

    Volvo Trucks UK - TRUST June 2019

  • “Bob genuinely cares about the people on the course and this shows in the way the course was conducted which makes everything he says meaningful. Learnt a lot of life lessons not just for the work environment”.

    Volvo Trucks UK - TRUST June 2019

  • Very interesting and informative. Gave ideas of how to get answers in conversations without being direct.

    Children's Centre Professional Barnardos - Effective workplace conversations November 2016

  • Fantastic experience, eye opening and confirmed the need to revisit several practices we have.

    Auditor Eastman Chemical - Effective Investigative conversations January 2017

  • Raised awareness and provided structure. Enjoyed learning from a season investigator who shared practical skills.

    HR Professional Eastman Chemical - Effective Investigative Conversations January 2017

  • Extremely useful. I now will be able to have good conversations and get good detail.

    Corporate Compliance Professional - Effective Investigative Conversations Kuala Lumpur March 2017

  • The 2 day course was real (based on true stories), easy to digest and very positive from a human perspective. The material shared was very insightful and helpful

    Corporate Investigator - Effective Investigative conversations Kuala Lumpur March 2017

  • Attend this course. It is well worth the money. It's one of the only courses where I can truthfully say I would have done it even if my company were not paying for it for me.

    Business Analyst - Effective Investigative Education June 2017

  • The course on investigation was very practical, useful and engaging. The skills imparted were very transferable across industries.

    Nicholas Poa - Legal Counsel - Introduction to Fraud Investigation, Singapore October 2016

  • There was many things that I haven't ever thought about, but I will now use in future. We have only skimmed the surface today. So I think it would be a lot more beneficial to do the full course.

    Sales Executive -Thomas Hardie Limited - Effective Sales Conversations March 2017



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