Effective Conversations -Anything but ordinary.

Conversations can be much more than just a simple exchange of information.

Communication, when effective,becomes the bond that helps deepen the connections to others thereby improving personal and professional relationships, teamwork, decision making, and problem solving. It engenders trust and cooperation and allows for the conveyance of negative or difficult messages without creating conflict or destroying trust.

Effective interpersonal communication is a two way street and requires the capacity to recognise, embrace and respond at both a cognitive and emotional levels. The use of skills such as active listening, clarification and reflection help the skilled communicator overcome the many potential barriers that may be encountered.

The term Investigate derives from the Latin investigare to track or trace out. Although usually associated with those within law enforcement and other such regulatory professions, we all undertake “investigative” conversations in our meetings and interactions on a daily basis.

The development of our effective conversations model could be seen as the culmination of a circular process which has its roots in the early 1980’s. Set against a backdrop of well publicised examples of unethical practice,the UKs Police services collaborated with academic specialists in the development of a transparent non-confrontational investigative interview model based on the principles of effective communication. This model known as PEACE has, over time, been refined and enhanced and is now recognised by many as the benchmark for  law enforcement investigative interviewing globally.

We have adapted the underlying principles of this framework to create a suite of “forensic”fact finding interpersonal approaches for the public and private sectors.

Effective in both informal and formal settings our approach has been successfully implimented in many areas of business from sales and negotiations to recruitment, HR, accounting and auditing and of course regulation and investigation.

Here at CFIL we feel we provide something EXTRA which makes our professional development opportunities anything but ORDINARY.

Contact us to discuss how the Effective Communications methodology could add value to your business.

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Definitely recommend, think it is a course everyone on anti-trust should attend. Surpassed all of my expectations and showed me things I had not even realised I did not know

Competitions and Markets Authority Investigator - Effective Investigative Conversations Course July 2015

The course was really useful tool for introduction to fraud investigation. its far more practical thinking and doing rather than being lectured and note taking

TSB specialist mortgage fraud investigator - Introduction to Fraud Investigation Course March 2015

Very professional (they) understand how investigators behave. Good application of recognised learning methods and implementation in an innovative way

Financial Ombudsman Investigator - An Introduction to Fraud Investigation April 2015

A course which takes you on a journey from the basics of communication through being able to look for verbal and non verbal signs.It is challenging at times and thought provoking and anyone attending from an investigative background will take something from it

Specialist investigator financial services - Effective Investigative Conversations May 2015

I found the course thought provoking and indeed has made me change a few areas in my interview technique.The interviewees were also excellent.

Security advisor NATS - Effective Investigative Conversations November 2015

If you want a different approach to an introduction to fraud investigation this is it.
Good and different ways of planning recording and actioning fraud investigations.
Well presented

Internal Auditor public sector - Introduction to Fraud Investigation July 2015

Would definitely recommend the course as it will be very useful in my job working with families. I will also use this when working with my colleagues too.

Support worker - Barnardos Children Centre - Effective workplace conversations June 2016

I liked the interactivce sessions and the practicals brought the learning to life

Investigator Metrobank - Effective investigative conversations September 2016

Great course, really convincing approach to sympathetically and most importantly getting the right outcome for the bank and colleague.

HR Professional Metrobank - Effective Investigative conversations September 2016

Very interesting and informative. Gave ideas of how to get answers in conversations without being direct

Children's Centre Professional Barnardos - Effective workplace conversations November 2016

The course gives a really useful and valuable insight to our own behaviours and those of others

Children's Centre Professional Barnardos - Effective workplace Investigations November 2016

Fantastic experience, eye opening and confirmed the need to revisit several practices we have.

Auditor Eastman Chemical - Effective Investigative conversations January 2017

Raised awareness and provided structure. Enjoyed learning from a season investigator who shared practical skills.

HR professional Eastman Chemicals - Effective Investigative Conversations January 2017

Extremely useful. I now will be able to have good conversations and get good detail.

Corporate Compliance professional - Effective Investigative Conversations Kuala Lumpur March 2017

The 2 day course was real ( based on true stories) easy to digest and very positive from a human perspective. The material shared was very insightful and helpful

Corporate investigator - Effective Investigative conversations Kuala Lumpur March 2017

Attend this course. It is well worth the money. It's one of the only courses where I can truthfully say I would have done it even if my company were not paying for it for me.

Business analyist - Effective Investigative education June 2017

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