Behaviour Test

The face is the focal point in our interaction with others and therefore provides a wealth of nonverbal clues to suppressed or hidden emotions.

“Facial expressions of emotion are universal, not learned differently in each culture”

Charles Darwin – The expression of emotions in man and animals (1872).


Paul Ekman is often credited with pioneering modern research into emotion recognition. In the 1960’s he led a team of researchers to interact with a remote tribe in Papua New Guinea where they undertook tests with individuals asked to classify the emotional states of people they saw in photos against a predetermined list of possible emotions.

The results of Ekman’s research proposed that there are 6 primary “universal” expressions of emotion; Happiness, Sadness, Surprise, fear, Anger and Disgust. Later a 7th emotion – contempt was added.

Take the test to see how emotionally aware you are.

You will be prompted to identify 10 emotions through facial expressions – press play, watch the video and then click the emotion seen from the list.

IMPORTANT – Whilst this test will gauge and improve your ability to identify emotion through facial expresions it should not be seen as an alternative to detailed training. If you would like to explore this subject more get in contact with us at

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